About Us

Discover Calibo's range of locally designed ceiling fans and lighting solutions. Proudly Australian-designed, we offer world-class engineering and back our quality with in-home warranties. Enhance your home with stylish, durable products designed for the Aussie climate.

Calibo is proud to offer a range of ceiling fans and lighting fixtures that are not only stylish but also designed locally right here in Australia. Whether you're looking to cool down with a sleek ceiling fan or brighten up your space with stylish lighting, Calibo has you covered. Our products are designed to enhance the ambience of any room while being constructed with hardy materials made to weather the harsh Aussie climate.

Much like the iconic Bowerbird that features in our logo, we not only want to be known for being extremely hard-working but also the collector of the best-of-the-best when it comes to constructing and decorating spaces.

We’ve made it our business to make every Australian home a little more inspiring, easy, and efficient by hand-selecting materials and curating products that meet the needs of any space.

World-class Engineering

At Calibo, we pride ourselves on delivering world-class engineering in every product we create. Our ceiling fans and lighting solutions are meticulously designed right here in Australia to provide optimal performance and durability. Utilising advanced technology and engineering principles, we ensure that our products not only meet but exceed industry standards. Our commitment to innovation and quality is evident in the seamless integration of functionality and aesthetics in every Calibo product.

In-home Warranty

We stand behind the quality and durability of our products, which is why Calibo offers an in-home warranty for our non-DIY products. Our promise to you is one of reliability and trust. Should any issue arise with our professionally installed products, our dedicated team is ready to provide prompt and professional service right in the comfort of your home. We believe in making your experience with Calibo as smooth and satisfactory as possible, ensuring that our products continue to enhance your living space without worry.

Proudly Australian Owned

Fiercely local, Calibo is where Aussie design meets top-quality ceiling fans and lighting solutions. We are proudly Australian-owned with all of our service agents based right here in Brisbane, Queensland. Our products are thoughtfully designed in Australia, reflecting the unique charm and resilience of our great country. By choosing Calibo, you are supporting local industry and ensuring that your home is adorned with products that embody the spirit and quality of Australian design.